Romanian - Moldavian Wine Tour


Wine is inseparable of the Romanian culture, an

important component of our art and philosophy. During

this tour you will meet, feel and taste the wines of one

of the most famous regions in Romania, Moldavia. The

history was cruel with this region, being splitted after the

2nd world war in two parts, one is the Romanian region

of Moldova and the other being the old Basarabia, now

known as Republic of Moldova. But both regions are

linked by their famous and good wines! Come and meet the

passion for the Moldavian wines; after visiting the biggest

wine cellar in Europe and maybe in entire world, and

tasting the wonderful Moldavian cuisine and music you

will see that wine in Moldavia goes best with traditions,

both still terribly appreciated in the European Culture!

Tour details

  • 1517 Euro per Trip
  • Available Anytime
  • Duration: 8 Day(s)
  • Transportation available

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