Mongolian Budget Tours


During last few years we could become one of the Mongolian best tour operators. Visitors to Mongolia now experience this land of great antiquity, unique livestock breeding, breathtaking natural beauty and traditional charm and hospitality in greater comfort than ever before. The tours on this web-site of our company are certainly not the only ways to explore Mongolia and you are welcome to ask us by this via e-mail to design special custom-made programmes along with classical itineraries. e. g. bicycle-tours, jeep-tours, motocycle-tour, walking, horse riding, winter tour, Naadam festival tour, historical tours about Great Mongolia and Chinggis (Genghis) Khaan, expedition-tour to the Gobi-dinosaurs, wolf hunting tour, bird hunting tour and birdwatching-tours.

Tour details

  • 200 per Day
  • Available Anytime
  • Duration: 12 Day(s)
  • From 4 to 12 people
  • Starts at Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, none

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