Historic Route & South

01. Arrival Addis Ababa; meet your guide with “Green Land Tours” sticker and transfer hotel. Afternoon tour of the capital. Visit Entoto mountains, with very nice view over the capital, the National museum, StGeorge church and the Merkato, biggest open air market in Africa and shops. Meals free; ON chosen hotel. 02. Fly to Bahirdar, and transfer hotel for check-in. If time permits, go to visit Bezait palace, with very nice view over Tana lake and Blue Nile. Afternoon boat trip of about 4-5 hours on lake Tana to admire the beautiful monasteries over the lake’s islands. Some as Ura Kidane Mehret, Mahal Zeghie Gyorgis and if time permits Asua Mariam too. ON in Bahirdar 03. Morning drive to admire the Blue Nile falls. Lunch back to Bahirdar. Afternoon drive to Gondar, city of castles and churches. Dinner and ON Gondar. 04. Full day visit of castles and churches in Gondar: visit the castle’s compound, the Debre Birhan Sellasie church (light of Trinity) with wonderful murals, the King Fasiladas bath, the old Qusquam monastery, Empress Mentewab palace and more. ON Gondar. 05. Excursion to visit the Semien mountains, with spectacular views. ON gondar. 06. Fly to Lalibela, defined as the 8th wonder in the world, and afternoon visit the first group of the rock-hewn churches. Meals and ON in Lalibela 07. Morning visit one of the churches out of the town. We propose an excursion by mules to the Asheten Mariam church, with spectacular views too. Or by car to the cave church of Naktuleab. Afternoon remaining churches in Lalibela. 08. Fly to Axum, beginning of civilization in Ethiopia. Check-in hotel. Then visit the steles, different archeological sites, the bath and the palace of Queen of Sheba, tomb of Kings; churches, among which in the church of St Mary of Tsion (where legend says is deposited the Ark of Covenant). ON in Axum. 09. Fly to Addis Ababa. Afternoon free. Dinner traditional restaurant with folkloristic dances. ON 4*hotel. Or same evening can depart too. [or can proceed to Omo valley program too, ON Langano] 10. Departure. 01. Arrival Addis Ababa; and transfer hotel. Afternoon tour of the capital. Visit Entoto mountains, with very nice view over the capital, the National museum, StGeorge church and the Merkato, biggest open air market in Africa and shops. ON chosen htl 02. Drive to the Rift Valley lakes of Shala, Abyata and Langano, admiring wonderful views, many birds, pelicans, flamingoes, hot springs and more. Relax then at the Wenney eco-lodge, secluded in a natural paradise at shore of lake Langano and near to Munessa forest. Possibility of trekking, bird-watching, horse-riding, boat excursion, cycling, and more. 03. Proceed through the Wolayta people and villages and admiring spectacular green hills, to Arbaminch, in amharic 40 springs. Afternoon drive to Chencha, for the Dorze people, with their unique culture, houses, and traditions. ON Swaynes hotel, with spectacular views over Chamo and Abaya lakes. 04. Proceed to Jinka, admiring the Derase, Tsemay, Ari and Benna people. ON Jinka 05. Enter into the Mago National park to visit the Mursi people and villages. Here for beauty women use to put round plates into their lips. Men different scarification based on number of enemies or wild animals killed in battle and many other cultures. ON Jinka 06. Drive to Turmi, and being Being THU admire the very colorful Tsemay and Erbore people market at KeyAfer village. Proceed then to the very interesting Hamer people villages and ON tented bungalows at the Evangadi lodge. 07. Drive to the Karo people, for their very interesting decoration and scarification all over their body; and very nice views over Omo river form Kortcho village. Proceed then to Kangate and crossing by small boats the Omo river (only affluent of lake Turkana), admire the Bume people and villages. Back ON Turmi. 08. Morning excursion at Omorate village, at bank of Omo river, to visit the Dassanech people. Then being SAT admire the very colorful Hamer, Karo and Dassanech people market at Dimeka village. Admire the Hamer people dances (Evangadi) and with luck the marriage ceremonies with the bull jumping. ON Evangadi lodge. 09. Cross and admire the Erbore people villages; so make a stop to admire the traditions as terracing agriculture of the Konso. Then proceed for ON Arbaminch. 10. Morning visit the Netch Sar National park, sanctuary of the endemic Swaynes Hartbeest, numerous zebras and more. Afternoon boat on Chamo lake for crocodiles, hippos and more. ON Swaynes hotel. 11. Drive back to Addis. Evening traditional dinner with folkloristic dances. Then departure. (or on day 12)

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  • Duration: Flexible
  • From 2 to 20 people
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