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Birding is one of the most rewarding and interesting hobbies today, every day and every night millions of enthusiasts embark on a personal quest, along with their trusty binoculars and cameras to relax and enjoy nature at its finest point and through its most gracious of creatures, birds. People going birding hire a guide, whether they are private guides or inbound nature tour operators or even professional naturalists, finding the perfect guide is not as easy as it sounds however thankfully there are dedicated websites such as that lists thousands of birding guides all willing to help.

Birding guides are an indispensable help whenever anyone is going bird watching, their services give birders the chance to watch new species of birds, explore new ways of camouflage and new competitions that stimulate bird watchers knowledge on rare species and present them the greatest social enjoyments while exploring their hobbies and increasing their ornithological knowledge without the need of carrying large books, as professional birders or naturalists have a greater understanding of their trade and are able to identify, or help identify, birds through simple sight or sound.

The services guides can offer their clients range from simple help with locating and identifying bird types to fully fledged excursions to watch birds in their natural environment in the wildest areas of the planet. The guides may help their customers plan their trips accordingly to the migration or seasonal behavior of their favorite birds while maintaining birding etiquette, therefore preserving the natural environment and life of local birds, while allowing their customers to observe them from a safe distance. Some guides allow their customers to enter different contests to test their bird knowledge, these contests usually come in the form of a Big Day, Big Year or Big Sit and each of them may be entered as a team or as an individual, and these contests are among the most fulfilling and just some of the options birding guides may offer.

As birding guides range from professional naturalists to tour operators and private guides they can help in virtually any part of the world, from the Middle East to Asia, from Africa to the Americas, from Europe to Australia, California wetlands to the jungles of Belize, from the forests of Scandinavia to the deserts of Syria, birders may plan their bird watching trips everywhere and be absolutely certain that they will be able to find a reliable guide to help them and show them the best spots for spying on their preferred bird or birds.

Whichever species of birds there is, Albatross or Hummingbirds, Hawks to Kingfishers, Barn Owls to Pipits, Pheasants to Falcons, Vultures to Warblers, Weaver Finches to Cranes and Gulls to Roadrunners birding guides can help birders, or even more casual bird watchers, find them and offer even local challenges or social endeavors during the migrating seasons.