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Looking for a City Tour or Walking Guide?

Love exploring different parts of a city and learning about its past, present and perhaps future? Don’t have months and even years to learn and explore every single part of a new city for that special, cultural or even spiritual locale? Finding it hard to orient yourself in a completely new and possibly even crowded environment? Ever hired a walking guide?

Walking guides are perfect in helping you explore and adjust quickly to a new environment while offering a wealth of knowledge and information that would normally be hard to find, especially as cities these days tend to be very large and complex. No longer can you say you saw everything there was to see in London or New York in a night, not even a whole day or week would permit you or anyone else such a monumental feat, however using a walking guide you are able to make the best of the city, explore the best locales or cultural sites or learn about the history and future plans of the city.

Walking tours usually tend to have a slower pace than other types of tours; this of course allows a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience and also permits you to take in all the gorgeous sites as well as the wealth of information your guide will offer you. Typically walking guides start at large hotels or famous sites making them easy to find, their routes usually follow a preset route and the guides are specialized on it, they follow famous historical, architectural or artistic sites and monuments, however that does not mean that the guides will know and take you to special little locales that you would normally miss or not know about like Philadelphia’s City Tavern Restaurant, following Jack the Ripper and unlocking the secrets behind his murders in the famous London tour starting from Tower Hill, the famous Berlin Wehrmacht HQ where the coup d'état against Hitler backfired devastatingly and even explore the Latin Quarter of the lively Mouffetard market street in Paris.

Some things especially in large cities should not be missed, a normal city tour may show you the most prestigious of places however a real tour like a walking tour not only presents the same interesting cultural, artistic, spiritual and architectural sites and offers you the greatest of pleasures through the sites normally avoided by other types of tours because of their remoteness and inaccessibility through other means of transport. Truly there is nothing like a city walking tour more complete and entertaining.

So, whether you indulge yourself in the history of Paris’s most famous sites or love seeing London’s most hidden and elusive monuments, Hollywood’s famous and even not so famous movie studios, Berlin’s notorious history from the Nazi era you should always turn to a walking guide and get the most out of your vacations in new cities.