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Ever been on vacation or a business trip and wanted to know something you could not find in your tourist guide? Do you want to get to know another country just like its locals know it? Learning the language of a different country before and during your trip can make a big difference.

With lessons in a language school or a private teacher you can gain a whole new experience. As these lessons are given by locals, you not only learn to speak, but to talk. Plus, you learn about the country and its culture from insiders who can tell you a lot more about the way of living there, the “slang” that you can’t learn from books and some things about customs and traditions you should know.

As an example, in France you should never put your baguette upside down on the table. In Israel, when sitting with other people in a train, you may be invited to the house of a local for a drink or meal within 15 minutes. You should not be surprised if the South-European will come very close when talking to you - it is the habit there. In Arabia on the other side, if you want to close a deal of any kind, you should not get to the point right away but first have some small talk.

Learn to know new cultures and foreign countries, taste the variety of cheese and wine in France, find out about how to serve the tea in Japan or discover the richness of the Aztec culture in Mexico.

These are the little extras you can learn much easier by taking lessons in a language school or with a personal teacher. Besides, learning to have a conversation will also enable you to feel more confident around locals and help you not to be recognized as a foreigner.

From the Middle East to Asia, from Africa to the Americas, from Europe to Australia, from Swedish Schools in Stockholm to private lessons in Arabic in Dubai, studying Chinese in Peking or Spanish in Buenos Aires. With a private language teacher or languages classes at a school, you can learn more than a language, but a culture, a lifestyle and lessons for living.