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Many travelers know where they want to go and what they want to do, but the more in-depth local information any traveler has the better. Are you very familiar with a particular neighborhood in your area? Have any special knowledge of the history of your town or city? Are you heavily involved in the art, music, hiking, biking, shopping, club, pub, or restaurant scene? Your expertise could the perfect solution for a potential visitor to your area, and Viamigo is the perfect place for you to market your services.

Design A Personal Tour – with a Private Tour Guide

Experienced travelers in Asia, for example, know that local guides can make a trip infinitely more rewarding. Without bird watching guides in Thailand, interpreters in Shanghai, and diving instructors in Borneo, would you really experience as much?

When finding your way around, maps aren’t always right whether you’re in Europe, Asia, Africa or the Americas. Roads aren’t always open, and sometimes a short-looking road might take a lot longer than you think. Moreover, many beautiful trails off the beaten path and many secret enclaves may not show up on a map at all. Most of the best local routes and tucked away nooks are known only by locals, and if you’ve got a private guide, he or she can lead the way for you. Sometimes, in safe places, getting lost on your own and finding your way again can be a wonderful adventure, but there are many places where the presence of a local guide can ensure your safety and peace-of-mind.

What’s along the way? Do you have a particular interest in stopping at wineries, hot springs, creeks or rock formations? Are you looking for the best place to fish? Whether you are into art and culture, shopping and nightlife, nature and adventure or sightseeing, local guides know how to help you find what you are looking for and can help you immerse yourself completely in your passion—finding a home away from home. A private guide, a local tour operator or a flexible tour group can lead you to bird watching in Thailand, a wildlife safari adventure in Kenya, an art museum in Denmark, a fashion boutique in Tokyo or a waterfall in Chile.

What’s the best time of your for your voyage? Every place has its particular seasons and quirks. You don’t want to arrive at a gallery or museum to find it closed or land in a place for a limited time only to discover that it’s a national holiday. A private tour guide can alert you to such idiosyncrasies—especially if you dialogue with them and book a tour before your trip. When they know your schedule and your interests, they can help make sure you don’t miss out on something you might want to see, whether it’s a 4 wheel drive Jeep trek to a sacred spot in Peru or an art gallery for collectors in Berlin with odd hours. These are the reasons why you want a personal tour.

Where should you stay? Accommodations in many countries range from luxury five star modern hotels to traditional, more moderately priced inns with a more authentic feel, but how do you discover those special hole-in-the-wall retreats? What if the guidebook is wrong and the place is under new management, under renovation, or closed? Private tour guides experienced in organizing board and lodging in their area know of the best options for different kinds of travelers—a cool hotel on the beach for surfers in Mexico or Bali, a private boutique hotel near shopping in New York or Paris or a comfortable post-Safari stop in Tanzania.

How do you find a custom tour? There are many ways to find private guides or tour companies—through travel agents, travel blogs, independent company websites, listservs, or through—the only place where you can directly contact guides around the world for tours of just about anything. From surfing and diving to shopping and nightlife, from interpreters and private guides to tour operators and helicopter pilots, a custom tour means you can do what you want, how you want, where you want, and when you want.