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Cruising the Bosphorus!

Cruising the Bosphorus!Cruising the Bosphorus!

The best way of seeing the Bosphorus in all its beauty is to take a trip on a boat. One of the most beautiful sights in the world, Bosphorus is a strategic waterway connecting the Black sea to the Mediterranean. As the boat zigzags between Asia and Europe, you will admire the old Ottoman mansions, Emperial palaces and two suspended bridges. • Maiden’s Tower • Selimiye Barracks where Florence Nightingale worked. • Dolmabahçe Palace. The house of the Ottoman monarch after the … Read more ...


Discover Istanbul!

Discover Istanbul!Discover Istanbul!

This tour is the best way to get acquainted with the Old City. -The Founding Legend:“You will know…it is opposite the land of the blind.”…so said the oracle in Delphi. -The city with many names: How did Constantinople become Istanbul? -Hippodrome: The arena that hosted riots,killings,weddings,celebrations, circumcision of princes…always colorful,busy and still the heart of social life. -Blue Mosque: Only called so in guide books…What is the real name? -Hagia Sophia: Witness … Read more ...


Facts for Guided Walks in Istanbul!

Facts for Guided Walks in Istanbul!Facts for Guided Walks in Istanbul!

1.)All are flexible so we can mix-match and tailor a totally brand new itinerary only for you.

2.)They are fun and easy going.

3.)You actually see the local way of life not just the tourist hubs.

4.)We walk at a leisurely pace.

5.)We can do half days or full days.

6.)Feasts on local specialities in lesser known places and street vendors.