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Endemic birds picture from Ethiopia

Endemic birds picture from EthiopiaEndemic birds picture from Ethiopia

This African mystery bird is special because it is found in Ethiopia This Ethiopian mystery bird is easy to identify to genus, and I think most of you can identify the species as well. Since it's so easy to ID, I thought I'd add a layer of challenge to this by asking you to tell me what character makes this species special?


DTTL-05 Blue Nile

DTTL-05 Blue Nile DTTL-05 Blue Nile

DTTL-05 Blue Nile gorge Full day tour

104km north of Addis Ababa the 13th century monastery of Debre libanos. and After 96 km from this monastery you can also see the fascinating gorge of the Blue Nile River




DTTL-04 Adadi mariam and Tiya stele Full day tour

140km from capital city found a fascinating UNESCO world heritage site Tiya the site contain around 36 ancient stele, Adadi Miriam church is semi monolithic church build around 12th century it resemble the monasteries of Lalibela and the archeological site of melka kontre where you will be able to set ancient man tools


Fasil castle by andinet askenaw

fasil castle by andinet askenawfasil castle by andinet askenaw

To any one who is interested to visit the famouse historical place contact me by my viamgo addres you will enjoy your time.


Tourist Attractions of Ethiopia

Mohammed Nasir

Aberus Ethiopia - Ethiopia Tourist Attractions Ethiopia is a country with countless offers as a tourist destination, the most important and popular attractions are categorized as historical attractions, cultural attractions and natural attractions. Historical Tourist Attractions of Ethiopia Popular Sites of The Historical Attractions In Ethiopia: Bahirdar, Gonder, Axum, Lalibela and Harar are the major places in the historical attractions circuit. The route in this circuit is very … Read more ...