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Jewish Heritage Tours in Istanbul

Jewish Heritage Tours in IstanbulJewish Heritage Tours in Istanbul

Since 1492 the prosperity and creativity of the Ottoman Jews rivaled that of the Golden Age of Spain. Today The Jewish Community in Turkey is about 26,000 and most of them live in Istanbul. -The bankers’ town of Galata and the Tower: A cosmopolis and a finance center with bankers and stock exchange crowned by the Tower which was built by the Genoese in the 14th century, offering a great birds-eye view of the old city. -Neve Shalom Synagogue: The most beautiful and the largest in the … Read more ...


Byzantine Istanbul

Byzantine IstanbulByzantine Istanbul

This classical itinerary is just a starter to discover the essence of the city. We will leave from the beaten path and head directly into the heart of the historical and cultural wonders that make the city unique. THE FOUNDING LEGEND:“You will know…it is opposite the land of the blind.”…so said the oracle in Delphi. -BYZANTINE HIPPODROME : Heart of Constantinople’s political and sporting life, and the scene of games and riots through 500 years of Ottoman history as well. Monuments … Read more ...


Cruising the Bosphorus!

Cruising the Bosphorus!Cruising the Bosphorus!

The best way of seeing the Bosphorus in all its beauty is to take a trip on a boat. One of the most beautiful sights in the world, Bosphorus is a strategic waterway connecting the Black sea to the Mediterranean. As the boat zigzags between Asia and Europe, you will admire the old Ottoman mansions, Emperial palaces and two suspended bridges. • Maiden’s Tower • Selimiye Barracks where Florence Nightingale worked. • Dolmabahçe Palace. The house of the Ottoman monarch after the … Read more ...


Discover Istanbul!

Discover Istanbul!Discover Istanbul!

This tour is the best way to get acquainted with the Old City. -The Founding Legend:“You will know…it is opposite the land of the blind.”…so said the oracle in Delphi. -The city with many names: How did Constantinople become Istanbul? -Hippodrome: The arena that hosted riots,killings,weddings,celebrations, circumcision of princes…always colorful,busy and still the heart of social life. -Blue Mosque: Only called so in guide books…What is the real name? -Hagia Sophia: Witness … Read more ...


Facts for Guided Walks in Istanbul!

Facts for Guided Walks in Istanbul!Facts for Guided Walks in Istanbul!

1.)All are flexible so we can mix-match and tailor a totally brand new itinerary only for you.

2.)They are fun and easy going.

3.)You actually see the local way of life not just the tourist hubs.

4.)We walk at a leisurely pace.

5.)We can do half days or full days.

6.)Feasts on local specialities in lesser known places and street vendors.