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Private Ephesus Tours

Visit the glorious Greco-Roman and Christian ruins of Ephesus, which is known to be Commercial, the Religious and Social Center of Antiquity, and one of the highlight of any visit to Turkey. Ephesus is probably the best combination of Greek, Roman and Byzantine civilizations. With the mythological stories and spectacular ruins you will feel the life in ancient Ephesus. See the Fountains of Trojan, Polio, the Temples of Hadrian and Domition, Private House (Brothel), the Library of Celsius, … Read more ...


Priene Miletos & Didyma Tour - Full Day

Priene Miletos & Didyma Tour - Full DayPriene Miletos & Didyma Tour - Full Day

After meeting with your guide you will first drive to Priene. This was once a harbour city but is now located 16 km inland from the sea on the hills of the Mykale Mountain. It has many examples of Hellenic art and architecture. Alexander The Great lived in this city for a time. The theatre in Priene is one of the most beautiful ones from The Hellenic World. The Athena Polias Temple was reconstructed by Alexander The Great as a gift to the city. After Priene, you will depart for Miletos. Visit … Read more ...


Visiting Ephesus on your Cruise Holiday?

Visiting Ephesus on your Cruise Holiday?Visiting Ephesus on your Cruise Holiday?

Have a great private tour with guide to Ephesus at a reasonable price !!! Why don’t you share the expenses and arrange with other cruise passengers (2 to 14 at most) an exclusive tour from the port of Kusadasi or Izmir with a comfortable air-conditioned tour vehicle, private driver and a professional English-speaking guide. We can organize for you a fantastic Ephesus tour or you can create an itinerary that suits you. This is the best way to see as much of the local sights as you want … Read more ...


Jewish Heritage Tours in Istanbul

Jewish Heritage Tours in IstanbulJewish Heritage Tours in Istanbul

Since 1492 the prosperity and creativity of the Ottoman Jews rivaled that of the Golden Age of Spain. Today The Jewish Community in Turkey is about 26,000 and most of them live in Istanbul. -The bankers’ town of Galata and the Tower: A cosmopolis and a finance center with bankers and stock exchange crowned by the Tower which was built by the Genoese in the 14th century, offering a great birds-eye view of the old city. -Neve Shalom Synagogue: The most beautiful and the largest in the … Read more ...


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