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Kinnour by Kalpana

Kinnour by KalpanaKinnour by Kalpana

Who else can show you Kinnour better then a localite(ME)so truest me can get ready for kinnour with Kalpana


The Green Trek

The Green TrekThe Green Trek

HI there, This is one of our new name for the new product as we planned to give you a new experience around Myanmar or The Land Of Pagoda! Myanmar: the Country History: Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is recognized by the world as the Golden Land. It is one of the earliest homes of mankind, where one can have exclusive experiences of a life-time. Myanmar’s Golden Age dates back to the 11th century when King Anawrahta united the whole country into the First Myanmar Empire in Bagan … Read more ...


The Land of Buddha!

The Land of  Buddha!The Land of  Buddha!

Geography and Climate The union of Myanmar is 2,61,228 square miles (676,577 square kilometers). It stretches for 582 miles (936 kilometers) from east to west and 1,275 miles (2,051 kilometers) from north to south. The length of contiguous frontier is 3,828 miles (6,129 kilometers), sharing 1,370 miles with China, 1,310 miles with Thailand, 832 miles with India, 1,687 miles with Bangladesh and 148 miles with Laos respectively. The length of the coastline from the … Read more ...