Mysteries and making histories!

Roibeard McElroy

Ever heard of the mystery of Rennes le Chateau? Often referred to as the greatest mystery in the history of France. Has taken on a cult/ alternative/underground fanbase in the last twenty years: Holy Grail/Bloodline/ Lost treasures - it's all here. But the truth is, this is an ancient mystery which goes way back before the advent of the Christian era. The area has a very special energy, is a huge ground temple, incorporating the Knights Templar/Rosicrucian and maybe Sufi belief in Sacred Geometry and has very strong Mother Goddess links with Isis. This is demonstrated by the unusual proliferation of Black Madonna sculptures! But curiously, the area seems to beckon you like a magnet and tug at your heart strings! When there, you feel you've returned to the Matrix - the Great Mother - and when leaving, one feels an indescribable feeling of sadness and loneliness!

Anyway, I'm returning to this area again; I describe it as my second spiritual home after my beloved Emerald Isle of Ireland! Roll on the mystery of Rennes and the Aude Valley!

Not to mention the marvellous landscapes - rolling hills, blooming vineyards, majestic wine from the Corbieres, enchanting valleys, Cathar lore and great Castles! It's a treasure trove and a hidden wonderland! And it's high time the people of Ireland, became aware of it!!