Discover Istanbul!

Discover Istanbul!Discover Istanbul!

This tour is the best way to get acquainted with the Old City.

-The Founding Legend:“You will know…it is opposite the land of the blind.”…so said the oracle in Delphi.

-The city with many names: How did Constantinople become Istanbul?

-Hippodrome: The arena that hosted riots,killings,weddings,celebrations, circumcision of princes…always colorful,busy and still the heart of social life.

-Blue Mosque: Only called so in guide books…What is the real name?

-Hagia Sophia: Witness how Emperor Justinian has outdone Solomon and things you should do to convert a church into a mosque.

-Topkapi Palace: The Life of the Ottoman Sultans in the Seraglio.

Built by the “ Grand Turk “ who spoke 6 languages.

The exotic Harem where the women ruled and their jewels hidden away in the Treasury.

-Grand Bazaar:The ultimate medieval shopping center is a monstrous hive of little shops all under one roof and cut up into labyrinthal alleys arched overhead.