Beat the heat and enjoy your tours

Hot in the city

It's heating up here in Luxor, and with everyone out and about doing tours, we just wanted to share some tips for staying healthy.

* WEAR A HAT. This is in caps because it is that important. Don't sacrifice your health for fashion. Heat stroke has never been en vogue. :-)

* Comfort is the name of the game. In these temperatures, wearing tight jeans is like wearing oven mitts. Wear fabrics that breathe and allow you to move. Loose cotton is best. Contrary to popular belief, less clothing (shorts, sleeveless tank tops) does not keep you cooler. What it does is increase the chance that you'll be sunburned. Why not go native? Those local, cotton tops are perfect for both staying cool and respecting the culture.

* Stay hydrated. Bottled water is cheap so drink lots of it. Make sure that the seals around the neck of the bottle are unbroken. You can add a pinch of salt or jazz it up with a lemon slice, BUT

* Don't drink ice cold water in the blazing sun or go directly into air conditioned rooms after coming in from it.

* Avoid ice in drinks.

* Don't overeat. This often happens on the cruises. People often stuff themselves with food at the buffets and suffer the consequences later on.

* Bring antibacterial gel. The money is often filthy, especially the small bills. Keeping your hands clean, especially before you eat, will go a long way.

* Take it easy! I know that we often have a lot to see with limited vacation time, but not allowing your body to acclimate to a different climate/food/time zone throws everything out of whack and can make you sick.

So now, since you're all dressed up in your cool cotton, you've donned your hat, and armed yourself with your bottled water, all that's left to do is book one of our tours. :-) We start early to avoid the worst of the sun, or for a twist, you can try an evening tour. Luxor Temple is beautiful at night.

Let us show you the Luxor we know and love. Book a tour with us. We'll take good care of you. :-)

Karim and KC