Bacolod as a Tourist Destination

Bacolod as a Tourist Destination

As someone who is new to the industry, one has always his own fresh new ideas. Who knows if these ideas have failed or succeeded? One has always to go through it by experiencing it in order to feel and understand how it is being done.

Seeing the long-term opportunities, I'd like to be in the tourism industry. Through advertisements on TV and print, we see how other places are being packaged and marketed globally. And I'd like to do that to the City of Smiles where I live. Bacolod and Negros are so rich with mouth-watering pastries and delicacies, seafoods, chicken inasal (chicken barbeque), pristine beaches and warm hospitable people. Bacolod has so much to offer. Rich culture and history.

New hotels have risen in Bacolod's landscape in the past year. There are now 13 call centers employing 9,000 people. Bacolod is in the top 5 in the next wave cities for ICT.

Have fun and make it Bacolod!

Photo is the New Government Center of Bacolod City