Safari Highlights,

-Visit the Pygmies traditional Villages.

-Viewing Chimpazee at Epulu National park.

-View Okapi, only found in DRC-Congo

Day 1 Nairobi

Upon arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi you will be met and assisted by a IDEA Travel representative for transfer to your hotel where you will be assisted with the check in formalities. After a pre-safari briefing, the rest of the day will be at leisure to relax around the hotel.

Afternoon at leisure with optional some of the Optional excursions that we offer in the ‘Green City in the Sun’.

Overnight will be at Panafric Hotel (BB)

Day 2 Nairobi to Kampala

After an early breakfast, depart for Uganda via the North Rift part of Kenya, arriving in time for a lunch stopover at Eldoret Town.

Proceed on your drive to Uganda, arriving at Busia border, after a brief border formalities drive into Uganda.

*This journey to Uganda takes approximately 12hours.

Dinner and overnight at the Kampala Hotel (LDBB)

Day 3 Kampala-Beni, DR-Congo

*Please note that accommodation is Congo is not well developed, since the country has been at war for a long time.

After an early breakfast, depart for Kasindi border of Uganda and DRC-Congo arriving in time for lunch at Fort Portal. After lunch proceed on to Beni. Note this section of road is rough and dusty, but this is where the adventure begins. From time to time you will spot Baboon along the road. The Vegetation along is lush green forest. The land agriculturally is very rich, palm oil and bananas are plenty.

*Kasindi is 1675 km northeast of Kinshasa, about one hour walking from the border with Uganda.

Dinner and overnight at Beni (DBB)

Day 4 Beni-Epulu

After breakfast depart for Epulu, the land of Okapi and pygmies.

Epulu is home to many okapis. Found only in the Congo, the okapi (Okapia johnstoni) is a shy and reclusive forest dweller and is the only living relative of the giraffe. It has an unusual coloration and distinctive markings, including stripes resembling a zebra, provide camouflage in the dense rainforest and protect it from many predators.

Today you will visit a pygmies homestead to interact with pygmies and learn their way of life. Arrive in time for lunch at Mambasa.

The pygmies are primarily hunter-gatherers, foraging for food in the forest. They have a vast knowledge of the forest and the foods it yields. The Bambuti use large nets, traps, and bows and arrows to hunt game. Women and children sometimes help out by trying to drive the animals into the nets. Both sexes gather and forage. Each band has its own hunting ground, although boundaries are hard to maintain. We will be permitted to follow such a group into the forest and where, possible, take our tents and setting up our camp near to their bands. We are invited to spend the night around the camp fire, listening to their endless hunting stories while they smoke their cannabis water pipes under a beautiful blanket of African stars.

Dinner and overnight at Epulu (DBB)

Day 5 Epulu

After a leisure breakfast depart for chimps viewing at Epulu National park. Return at your lodge for lunch.

Rest of afternoon at leisure or go to view Okapi or fishing at River Epulu.

Dinner and overnight at Epulu (DBB)


Day 6 Epulu-Niania

After a leisure breakfast depart for Niania, the gold basin in Congo. Arrive in time for lunch and overnight at Niania. This is your day to view and marvel at the Congo’s beautiful landscape and vegetation

Dinner and overnight at Niania (LDBB)

Day 7 Niania-Kisangani

Depart 0730hrs. After an early breakfast depart for Kisangani.

Kisangani was known Stanley Ville in the colonial times, after the explorer Henry M. Stanley established a colonial outpost ("Falls Station") near major cataracts in the Congo River that made the river impassible to boat travel.

Kisangani is now a town of decaying beauty. The Belgians left some colonial buildings worth looking at but they are not in good shape. Due to the climate decay happens quite fast.

Kisangani is more than 1000 km from Kinshasa. It used to be possible to go by river boat over the Congo river. Currently river travel is almost non-existent. Kisangani is the third largest town in Congo.

Dinner and overnight at Kisangani (LDBB)

Day 8 Kisangani.

After a leisurely breakfast, you will visit Wagenya waterfalls on River Congo. Return at your hotel in time for lunch.

Day spent further exploring Kisangani town and its environs. Afternoon visit the Kisangani market. Returning to your hotel in the evening.

Today you will enjoy a motor boat across River Congo to visit Iate market.

Dinner and overnight at Kisangani (LDBB)

Day 9 Kisangani.

After an early breakfast, begin a long drive to Beni, arriving in time for lunch at overnight.

Dinner and overnight at Beni (LDBB)

Day 10 Beni.

After breakfast drive to Uganda via Kasidi border after a brief cross border formalities proceed, arriving in time for lunch at Fort Portal.

Dinner and overnight at Kampala Hotel (LDBB)

Day 11 Kampala.

After breakfast drive back back to Nairobi via Busia border, lunch en route.