Costomer's opinon

Costomer's opinon


Hi Miguel,

Just want to thank you for a work well done today. I had a great time, learnt a lot and I think I got the highlights of Mallorca. I especially enjoyed the tout in the cathedral. Trust me, I am not a atheist, I have just spent too much time in churches on guided tours with guides explaining the religious blablabla on... You kept it to the minimum and you made it interesting. I will remember the three different ways of telling the story of Christ’s flesh and blood. Some of Mozart’s best music are made for the church. So I guess it’s all a matter of financing. That’s the full circle: the new art in the cathedral was paid by companies. I will gladly give you good reviews and I hope you will manage to make a living out of guiding. The day-trading days are over and you live in a place to be proud of.

All the best from John and Jonathan