Ladakh - transhimalayan expereince! Indian Himalayas.

Ladakh - transhimalayan expereince! Indian Himalayas.Ladakh - transhimalayan expereince! Indian Himalayas.

Ladakh has been given sobriquets by the handful: vivid, beautiful, unbelievable, Moonland, Little Tibet, The land of high passes.

All describe the land but not adequately, and nothing quite prepares the traveler for the completely ethereal yet harsh beauty of ladakh.

High up in the shadow of the world's highest peaks is this land of mythical beauty - a land where vividly coloured mountains rise up dramatically on

all sides, dwarfing the crystal rivers and shimmering glaciers which make their way through the barren land. A land that is arid and harsh, yet one of the most beautiful anywhere on earth; a land of warm, friendly people and

a cultural heritage that is nothing short of amazing.

A region whose cultural horizons are closer to Tibet than to India... ancient Buddhist heritage is reflected in the numerous gompas and forts atop Sugarloaf Mountains in this rugged barren land.

So come discover and live another life!

Leh - capital city of Ladakh;

Andrew Harvey wrote “There is nothing whatever to do. That’s is Leh’s charm... nothing to do but slow down, relax, laze, to become one vast transparent eye.”

Leh the capital of Ladakh, lies nestled among low hills on the north side of the Indus valley, between Stok Mountains and the Ladakh range. For centuries it has been a place where travelers of different origin have rested before continuing over the mountains along ancient trade routes that radiate from the city. Today, Leh is popular with a different kind of mountain wanderer and makes an ideal base for travels in Ladakh.

Since the Chinese closure of trade routes in 1949, Leh’s economic base has shifted. It has come face to face with a world with which it had little previous contact, a world in which technological advances and economic gain are driving forces. Leh is adopting this inappropriate model of development and

is beginning to suffer from corresponding environmental and social problems. Thankfully, the changes brought about are recent and not irreversible. People seem to have realised this. Local communities along with dedicated grass-root organizations are making efforts to stem this tide and adopt a more sustainable and appropriate way forward for this fascinating city.

travel with us and we will indulge u in similar experiences all over Ladakh. Our people who work with us and local from the region who directly get befitted from the tours that we handle.