Another Satisfied Customer!

Another Satisfied Customer!

Frederique did a private Western Desert, Luxor, Aswan tour with us. She was traveling alone. She wanted a very 'real experience', wanted 'quiet time' at the sites, and wanted time in the open desert. She gave us her vision and then entrusted us with the complete planning and logistics. This is her email upon her return to France.

"Hi KC,

This is to tell you that I'm back home. I'm unpacking and trying to realize that it's over. I really appreciated my travel. This is what I wanted. Eyes and head still full of sensations I'll never forget. Please thank Karim for me. He was very friendly, patient and responsible. I felt completely secure with him. I hope he enjoyed the travel as much as I did even though it was so much long driving for him. I have trouble writing all my impressions at this time but I just can tell you right now that it was FANTASTIC! Thank you for making this come true for me. There wasn't a day that I didn't like, nothing that I regretted. Thanks so much again. Take care. I hope to see you again soon. You are both wonderful people. Please stay in touch.