Jewish Heritage Tours in Istanbul

Jewish Heritage Tours in IstanbulJewish Heritage Tours in Istanbul

Since 1492 the prosperity and creativity of the Ottoman Jews rivaled that of the Golden Age of Spain.

Today The Jewish Community in Turkey is about 26,000 and most of them live in Istanbul.

-The bankers’ town of Galata and the Tower: A cosmopolis and a finance center with bankers and stock exchange crowned by the Tower which was built by the Genoese in the 14th century, offering a great birds-eye view of the old city.

-Neve Shalom Synagogue: The most beautiful and the largest in the city where most of the religious ceremonies like bar-mitzvahs, weddings and funerals are held.

-The Ashkenazi Synagogue: The only active Ashkenazi Synagogue open to visits and prayers.                            

-Jewish Museum of Turkey: Witness the past 700 years how the mixed cultures influenced each other.

-Ahrida Synagogue: Most remarkable and memorable, the oldest and most beautiful in the city. It is known foremost by its boat-shaped bimah.

-The Town of Balat: Balat housed the first Jews who settled in Istanbul after the Spanish expulsion. Today, it’s a middle class neighborhood and as you walk you can see the oldest Jewish houses with the Star of David.

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