Providing Interpretation & Consulting Service

I am young and work as a guide and consultant in China.

Living in China gives me opportunity to meet people from different countries, different fields of work.

It enables me to explore and extend a variety of services and products required by the business visitors.

It also let me know where to find the right answers to different questions.

I met many experienced businessmen.

Seeing my young age, they let me share their findings and lessons they learned from their own life.

Living in China means only one word.

Work almost everyday and work culture of work comes first.

As you see I use 3 times the work in one sentence,and I work usually 7 days a week.

I act as a consultant using the knowledge base I accumulated.

Fruit of intensive life of working.

I definitely do not know everything.

What I can assure you.

I know where to ask the questions for a quick and professional answer.

Working with experts in their fields in variety of areas will let you save a lot of valuable time.

For a cost no higher than reasonable

Among questions I can answer:

-How to open a company in Hong Kong

-How to meet your budget

-How to take your business between China and your market and make it GLOBAL


- Business registration offshore Companies

- Charity and Non Profit Organization

- Internet marketing to have customers and orders

- From the places you expect never you will receive an order

- Discounted DHL Fedex UPS TNT & air cargo (check with me first then you decide)

- Interpretation (English Chinese Turkish French Italian German Herbrew

- Shenzhen electronic products

- Homestay


- English

- Chinese

- French

- Turkish

- Spanish

- Italian

- Hebrew


Katrina Lee