The Marie-Antoinette's tour

the Marie-Antoinette's tourthe Marie-Antoinette's tour

Stroll in Le Marais, Paris

Let's plunge into the XVIIIth century

This tour last 4 hours, and include a chocolate tasting and a macaron tasting.

Your guide has a master degree in History in La Sorbonne, and is specialised of the XVIIIth century.

200 € (+ 40 €/pers)

This tour is about the refined pleasure of the XVIIIth century: aesthetic and culinary. It will be a lovely stroll in the maze of streets of Le Marais.

The Marais is full of beautiful private mansions of the XVII and XVIIIth century. I will show you some magnificient decors, some very refined furniture and some luxury items that could have been those of Marie Antoinette. I will show you what kind of cultural context this period has produced.

Added to this aesthetic walk, this will be a gustative stroll. You will discover the best chocolate maker of Paris, where the parisian palaces buy their chocolate from. During Marie-Antoinette's time, the chocolate was a privilege of the royal court.

We will end the tour with a macaron tasting produced by the same house of gastronomy than the one that used to supply the royal court of Versailles.

This will be an unforgettable trip in the refined culture of the Ancien Regime that still exists in Paris. This walk is in a very swinging and elegant district, full of lovely shops, and art galleries. . . We might stop there too!!