Providing professional interpretation in Hongkong Shenzhen

We are working as a freelance agent in Shenzhen,Guangdong,China. We are very knowledgeable and experienced in wholesales markets and Shenzhen electronics industry. We can help you locate the products you want from the wholesales market or from the factories around Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Dongguan and Hong Kong.

Our translators have extensive knowledge in english and Chinese of terminologies relating to material sciences, computer hardware, engineering, electronics, mechanics fashion and baby products, and are qualified for business negotiations and interpreting.

We can easily arrange your travel and accommodations and have a strong working knowledge of Import, Export, shipping, custom declarations, and inspection regulations.

When you are in China we will gladly be your interpreter and assistant, helping you to get what you want in a most efficiency way and shortest time. When you return home, We will offer our services as purchasing agents and product inspectors. If you need something from the wholesale market, we are always glad to help you to buy it and ship it to you. With our help, purchasing in small quantities with several options is easily possible. We regularly ship in large volume so we can provide you with inexpensive shipping costs through EMS, DHL and Fedex. If you want to purchase products from the factory, we will check the goods for you before shipping, and arrange logistic company for shipping by sea or by air.

Languages: English Chinese(Cantonese & Mandarin) Turkish French Italian German Herbrew


Katrina Lee


Email me at katrinaleemee et gmail dot com