Shore Excursion City Tour Acapulco, Save Up to 50% Guide, Sightseeing, Tailored

City Tour Acapulco,  Guide, Sightseeing, Tourists, , Tailored, made, MexicoCity Tour Acapulco,  Guide, Sightseeing, Tourists, , Tailored, made, Mexico

Visit the highlights of Acapulco with a guided sightseeing tour, viewing old and new Acapulco. On the way to the scenic road up to Las Brisas we will stop for a pictures and a breathtaking view of the bay and of the rich and famous residences.

Then we will take you to witness the world famous cliff diver at “La Quebrada” the scenery of this cliff is the most spectacular of its kind. Pick up time 10:00 a.m., returns 2:00 p.m. It may include Lunch as well.

La Quebrada is perhaps Acapulco's most iconic attraction and you can see it in city tour it is a place that has come to symbolize the city itself. Every day at 1:00 p.m., young men dive from La Quebrada's perilous and jagged cliffs, timing their jump to coincide with the incoming waves that cushion their impact and protect them from landing in the shallows. Come evening, more diving takes place.

For generations, brave young men from Acapulco have hurled themselves off the majestic cliffs jutting out over the Pacific Ocean. These fearless fellows dive into a narrow inlet where huge waves enter and crash over the rocks. The timing of their dives is crucial and must be perfectly executed due to the dangerous water conditions below.

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