Smell of liberty in Tahrir Square

Smell of liberty in Tahrir SquareSmell of liberty in Tahrir Square

Tahrir Square was the focal point of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution against former president Hosni Mubarak Over 50, 000 protesters first occupied the square on 25 January, stayed for 18 days , these days provided the Egyptian Armed Forces an opportunity to remove Mubarak from power on Friday 11 February 2011, when the president officially stepped down from office Tahrir Square erupted in a night-long celebration after the twilight announcement with shouts such as "Lift your head up high, you're Egyptian" "Everyone who loves Egypt, come and rebuild Egypt, " and others. The next day Egyptian Cairn women and men came to clean up the square, "they came and cleaned up after their revolution, " relaying 'projectiles' in the cobblestone paving and removing eighteen day's worth of trash and graffiti. as a very proud Egyptian I highly recommend Tahrir square to be one of your tours in Egypt