Acapulco Shore Excursion, Tour, Mercado, Mausoleum, Diego Rivera´s Mural

Acapulco Shore Excursion, Tour, Mercado, Mausoleum, Diego Rivera´s MuralAcapulco Shore Excursion, Tour, Mercado, Mausoleum, Diego Rivera´s Mural


The Mercado Municipal is really an eye-opener! If You had never been in a real, large, Mexican market before, and it is fascinating. There is so much to see—dry goods, house wares, gorgeous flowers, candy, live roosters, fresh produce…. Many stalls featured health care products, which are a combination of herbal remedies and Santeria-type spells and prayers to saints. One of these stalls had a cage full of large live bugs, whose purpose You will preferred not to ask about.

This market is different than the flea market -- the sales people are not pushy, and the goods are fruit, spices, home baked goods, some crafts, and pottery. After visiting it, You will think You saw the real people of Acapulco. It's not a market for silver and other tourist type items, but great to buy fresh foods an other lovely items.


Located in the Traditional area of Acapulco, in the home of the late Dolores Olmedo, who possessed the largest collection of Diego Rivera paintings in the world and a long-time friend of Rivera, and the woman that Diego Rivera asked to marry him after the death of his wife, the controversial painter, Frida Kahlo.

Between 1956 and 1957, Rivera lived in Acapulco while recovering from cancer and it was then that he created the works found here. This house represents a cultural heritage and is a living witness to the art of Diego Rivera in Acapulco.

You can appreciate the mural located on the outside wall called Exekatlkalli, a sculpture-painting where the Gods Quetzalcoatl and Tlaloc, of the Aztec culture, can be appreciated.


A continuing sensation in Acapulco. This high speed thrilling jet boat ride through the tropical paradise lagoon at Puerto Marques with emphasis on quality and safety that started in New Zealand in 1970 will thrill and energize folks of all ages.

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