Barcelona Special Christmas Tour

Barcelona Special Christmas TourBarcelona Special Christmas Tour

Isn't it nice to walk around the streets and feel Christmas in the air?

But when you are in a foreign city, sometimes you are a bit lost trying to find the local Christmas spots...


I'll organize an itinerary to show you how locals live this cheerful time of the year, at the same time that we discover together the city Old Town.

- Christmas market in front of the Old Cathedral: Nativities, Christmas threes and local traditions.

- Real size Nativities: in the cloister of the Old Cathedral and in the Plaça Sant Jaume.

- Nativities Diorama exhibit: in the Betlem Chruch (La Rambla).

- Ponsetia: In Christmas time La Rambla is red and green from this plant. Get to the flower market to buy one and decorate your house!

- Christmas lights: In the evening, walk down Passeig de Gràcia, accross Plaça Catalunya and continue down Les Rambles and into the Gothic Quarter. Lights on from 6pm to 9pm aprox.

- Cycling to light a Sustainable Christmas Three: This year the city council has set up a few sustainable Christmas trees. Some, like the one between the Arc de Triomf and the Ciutadella Park work with sun power. Others, like the one in the gardens at the crossing between Passeig de Gràcia and Diagonal Avenue, or the one in front of the Santa Caterina Market, work with the energy generated by people cycling.

And many more TO-DO and TO-SEE things!