Gdansk - Europe's best kept secret

Gdansk - Europe's best kept secretGdansk - Europe's best kept secret

Neither rash nor timid... This has been the town's motto for ages. Now still valid.

Gdansk - Danzig - Danczk

This is how the town is and was called. Once a Hanseatic City - one of tghe mightiest in the Prussian Hansa. The richest, mightiest and most stubborn of Polish cities. Once also was the bigest. Gdansk still has a lot of the old charm, especially aftet splendid restoration in the post-war times. Gdansk is the town of Hans Memling's Last Judgement, it is the town where you can find the bigest brick gothic church in the world, there are many picturesque Netherlandish in style buildings. But Gdansk is also the town of Solidarity.

The Berlin Wall would have collapsed - as menatlity of Europe changed, BUT... it would have taken longer - much longer if not for Gdansk, which started to break the chains of communism.