K2 Bse camp Concordia & Gondogoro pass trek

K2 Bse camp Concordia & Gondogoro pass trekK2 Bse camp Concordia & Gondogoro pass trek

The view from the summit of this nearly 5585m. pass (Gondogoro La) is beyond description. In the opinion of many, it is simply the finest mountain panorama in the world. K-2, Broad Peak, the four Gasherbrums, Trinity Peak, (8000+ m) summits and a multitude of lesser pinnacles touch the heavens all around you. One must make an extra effort from Concordia to reach the spectacle. The trek to the top of the Gondogoro La includes some 600m of ice and snow slope climbs that require the use of an ice axe, crampons, harness, helmet, ropes, and carabiners.

Being the highest mountain pass of the world, the views from the top of pass are unforgettable, by the views of many famous climbers from around the world, it offers the best mountain scenery anywhere in the world. Apart from dozens more, one can see the following famous peaks from the pass K2(Choghori), Broad Peak, Masherbrum, Laila Peak, Gasherbrum I, Gasherbrum II, Gasherbrum III, Gasherbrum IV.