Tetouan day trip

An Optional day trip to Tetouan from Tangier:

The city of Tetouan (Tetuan) is set in the dramatic greenery of the Rif Mountains and the colour-drenched Martil Valley. Here, a belt of orchards, planted with orange, almond, pomegranate and cypress trees, is studded with dazzling white homes. Authentic Locals affectionately call their city ‘The Daughter of Granada’ as the architecture here’s heavily dominated by the Hispanic impact.

It’s hardly surprising, the city was built by Muslim refugees from Andalusia(Spain)in the 15th-century, and expanded by the Spanish government in the 20th-century. Arriving here, your day starts at the main city Door known by Bab el Okla(gate of the Queen), From here, it’s up to the quaint Medina, one of the most fascinating in Morocco. Carry on to the Souk el Hots(ladies market), with its traditional fabric shops, and stop at the Place de l’Usàa, for a look at the impressive buildings. Finally, you’ll view the outside of the King Palace, a great example of Hispano-Moresque architecture, before it’s time to head back to the ship.