Ellci: new italian standard courses in 2015ELLCI: LEARN ITALIAN IN 2015

ELLCI, Ente Lombardo di Lingua e Cultura Italiana, established in 1988, is defined one of most prestigious italian language schools and culture in Italy.

Our school has got 10 air-conditioned classrooms and is located in a central area of Milan, a few steps away from Corso Buenos Aires, one of the main shopping areas of the city, and can easily be reached by public 4 transport. You will enjoy an efficient full immersion in the Italian culture with 20 hours of lessons per week.

Duration: from 1 week to 2 years. It is possible to attend classes both in the morning and in the afternoon, in this latest case, prices will be lower The course includes: 2/4 excursions per month in Milan and its surroundings with the teachers of the school, textbook and educational material, issue of the documents necessary for a study visa for Italy, final exam, Diploma in accordance with the European Council Frame, Tutor for the students, free vacation in Sardinia for courses lasting 9 months or more.

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