Private business interpreter translator tour guide Shanghai

Lisbeta Liu

Are you coming to Shanghai for business(trade show assistant,trade fair

assistant,exhibition assistant,factory/manufacturer visit),or for vacation in

Shanghai,hangzhou,suzhou, you need a reliable translator,interpreter in

Shanghai and cities nearby who can help you out on your trip,who can save you

time and energy,pls kindly contact me!

Please contact me Lisbeta Liu,private china interpreter translator


Mobile:0086 139 1881 7249 available on whatsapp

feedback from my previous customers

Mr Aye Canada

I can tell you will never find a guide like her in Shanghai, China.

She is not just your tour guide, she will help you everything you need

in China. During my trip in Shanghai, China, I am so happy with her

service and I feel very warm with her services. She treated me like

her own uncle. I will never forget her help and I will always thanks

her from my heart. I want to suggest all Shanghai visitors to contact

her get some advise before you go there in China.

Paul Schuck from USA

If you are traveling to China for business (or as a tourist), I highly recommend using a guide to assist with anything from sightseeing to what hotel or restaurant is best. Hiring an experienced guide like Lisbeta Liu is wise because there are many cultural differences is Asia and some of the simplest things like hiring Taxi and getting to your destination on-schedule can be frustrating and very difficult alone. I have been going to China 2x per year for past 7 years and I still prefer using a guide so I can focus my attention on business and not distract my attention with Directions, Taxi’s, Hotels, etc. Lisbeta did a great job helping me navigate throughout various cities in china and was especially knowledgeable when sightseeing, taking trains, busses and arranging flights between cities. She is very personable yet professional… Best Regards

What can I do as follows:

*Exhibition & conference translation service.

*General Business Meeting

*Business Negotiation

*manufacturer/supplier Visit

*interpretation &travel assistant

*Phone&Skype translation

*documents translation

*shopping assistant

*hotel reservation

*airport pick up&see off

*tickets purchased in advance(airplane tickets or train tickets)

*vehicle rental(car,mini bus)

contact info:

Cell:0086 139 1881 7249(available on whatsapp)


mail:lisbetaliu at yahoo dot com