Price: $ 32 USD/2pax

From 3 - 7 USD/pax: 11 USD/pax.

From 8 - 12 USD/pax: 8 USD/pax.

Departure: 9 am or 2 pm

Duration: 4 hours

Inclusive: English speaking tourguide, entrance fee, 4-16 seats A.C car, 2 bottles of water and pick up & drop off from any hotel in Hoi An & Danang City, service charge & tax.

Not inclusive: meal or other expenditure.

Marble Mountains are seemingly familiar to everybody who heard of there or has been to Danang City.

There are so well known as to be a symbol of the area. The subtle, lyric and poetical ambience of pagodas, grottoes, trees, bushes, sounds the mixed of pagoda bells and murmuring waves and the mysterious legends of sea are all that are not far from the city center, making the mountains a fairy land for tourists for ages.

Almost two hundred years ago, King Minh Mang came here. He named the mountain, grottoes and pagodas. Nobody knows why names such as Ngu Hanh Son, Huyen Khong, Hoa Liem, Lang Hu, Tang Chan, Van Nguyet, Thien Long put King deep in thought, despite of dwelling on to national development, the King kept in his mind the picturesque landscape of the mountains as the pride of

the beautiful southern land.

Cultural and historical stamps can be seen on every pagoda and tower built in the 19th century, and on Champa sculptures of the 14th and 15th century. There are written-on-stone poets of the Le and Tran Dynasty, a grave of Capital Tran Quang Khai’s mother, a temple worshiping Ngoc Lan princess (Minh Mang King’s younger sister) and such evolutionary relics as Da Chong tunnel, Ba Tho cave, Kim Son mount, Am Phu cave, etc… All are persuasive evidences to the legendary Marble Mountain and the land endowed with the people of great talent.

Like other landscapes, these mountains have many different mysterious legends. The poetical ambience plus echoes of my mysterious legends gives mountains their own characters that it is difficult to find on other places. In ancient oriental philosophy; metal, wood, water, fire, earth were five elements that created the universe. Five is the paramount important number in thinking and lives. The coincidence of the five peaks: metal, wood, water, fire, earth still keeps them mysterious.

The natural grottoes and pagodas on the mountains combine both heaven-endowed and man-made to create the harmonious beauty. The feature the attractive characters that keep tourists surprised and emotional on the way traveling.

On hot summer days, let us imagine you and your friends going up the 108 steps to Ling Ung pagoda, sitting at Vong Giang tower to look to green Truong Giang murmuring slightly in the sunset or standing on Vong Hai tower to look far to sandy beaches flirted by the sea waves. In the late afternoon, city dwellers rush to the seaside, fishermen group by group patiently push their boats offshore, and on the greasy paths leading to the grottoes and inside pagodas the sandalwood exhales its fragrance. One day staying at the in Marble Mountains makes life more beautiful and meaningful.