Shanghai exhibition assistant booth assistant interpreter

Lisbeta Liu

Lisbeta Liu, freelance exhibition assistant Booth assistant in Shanghai.

Also provide interpreter service, guiding service to the overseas customers.

Brief introduction:

I was born in May 25th,1987 .I am a girl who like reading, travelling,reading and music. I like to communicate with the people from different ages and different countries. Life is short, and we can not change the length of life, the only way who can choose is to widen it. And I always love the words from the movie”Forrest Gump”, life is a box of cholocates -,you will never know which color you will take the next.. So I hope these simple words can help your figure out what type of person I am.

I was born and raised in Jindezhen, Jiangxi Province ,(the hometown of porcelain), Since 2008 ,I graduated from university, I started my sales job at a bamboo craft company in Shanghai, and during the time, I got to know a car rental company, and I started to be a part-time tour guide during my spare time, on 2009,I quit my job, and decided to be a private Chinese English interpreter ,Chinese English translator and Chinese English tour guide in shanghai, so from 2009 until now,I had served the overseas customers from more than 70 countries, they are from UK, Canada, USA, Germany, Italy , Finnland, Norway, Indian, Pakistan, Saudi Arbia, Iran, Russia, Korea, Kuwait, Australia, Spain , Portugal, Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Holland, Netherland, Iceland, Demark, Turkey and so on. Almost all customers were satisfied with my service

The service what i can offer:

*Exhibition & conference translation service.

*General Business Meeting

*Business Negotiation

*manufacturer/supplier Visit

*interpretation &travel assistant

Contact person:Lisbeta Liu

e-mail:lisbetaliu at yahoo dot com

mobile:0086 139 1881 7249(available on whatsapp)