Acapulco Turtle Release Eco Tour

Acapulco Turtle Release Eco Tour Acapulco Turtle Release Eco Tour

Turtle Release Eco Tour, save up to 50%

When you participate in the Turtle Release Eco Tour, you are not only helping the sea turtle, you are able to learn about the species all while enjoying yourself. The Sea Turtle is making a comeback in the waters of Acapulco and you have the opportunity to help. You will choose a baby sea turtle that has been raised by the Turtle Conservation Program.

You can adopt the turtle and then, through your efforts, release the baby into its natural habitat in the sea. As the baby takes its first swim in the natural waters of the Pacific, you will be there to witness this momentous occasion. This is truly a tour you can feel good about taking!

Help the conservation effort by adopting a sea turtle from the nursery. On your turtle release tour, you have the opportunity to release your baby sea turtle in to the wild and see them in their natural habitat, while helping to preserve the species. This tour includes a a boat ride on the Tres Palos Lagoon. Acapulco is home to many species of aquatic birds and marine animals. After the boat ride we will enjoy lunch at a poolside restaurant on the beach. Red snapper fish is the main dish prepared in the "A la talla" style; it is BBQ roasted and lightly spicy. Other entrees are available if you do not care for fish. Don't forget your camera.

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