Xiamen jinjiang interpreter, sourcing agent, business assistant, tour guide

Selina Chen

It is nice to have you here,

My name is Selina Chen. I was born and raised in Xiamen. I love travelling and I always enjoy my journey. I am a caring and honest English-Chinese freelance interpreter. I also work as a tour guide, sourcing agent and as a business assistant in and outside Xiamen. I have worked full-time in a number import and export organizations and have obtained necessary professional acknowledgment with regards to stones and art craft. Whether you want to explore the beauty of china or on a business trip, I am here to make your tour easier to plan. I am a very relaxed person who can lead you to exciting tour destinations, telling you interesting facts about the places we visit. With no hidden cost, I do not only work to give you more flexibility in planning your tour, I equally work to make it affordable for you.

In sightseeing field, I will be your interpreter employing my substantial local knowledge to offer you firsthand experience of all the culture, religion, tradition, sites, environmental condition as well as local flavored meals.

Furthermore, communication between clients is a fundamental component, specifically when diverse cultures are concerned. Consequently with my years of experience as a translator for different business organizations, I can guarantee you the correctness and interpretation you would absolutely anticipate while providing you with all you need towards having an effective business deal.

My goal`

My objective is to offer every business or tourist person with an excellent professional strategy to suit their specifications, culminating in a satisfying and productive conclusion to your trip.

My services

With a wide range of services, I help my clients achieve their goals while building a win-win relationship with china. My all-in-one service includes but is not restricted to the following:

• Interpretation and translation

• Airports pick up and schedule arrangement

• Hotel Reservation

• Tour guide and shopping guide

• Supplier and product sourcing

• Business meeting arrangement (I arrange business meeting and help in negotiating)

• Sourcing and product inspection

• Business assistance

I am dedicated to the success of your china trip providing you with safety and comfortable stay in china. Thus feel free to contact me should you have questions or special request regarding your upcoming trip.