Himalayas rafting biking paragliding

himalayas rafting biking paragliding

You think about trekking and we will take you to traverse the steep ridges of snowy Himalayas and if you like to tame water then we will drop you in rafts and you will sail in the challenging rivers like Ganges or Brahmputra. We can make you bungee jump , climb rocks , paraglide in the blue sky and in almost everyway you wish to feel the adrenalin rush!!!

Enough of adventure !!

You wish to cool your heels in a forest resthouse in an isolated location, just let us know and we will surprise your instincts. You say houseboats and we will pamper you in the backwaters of Kerela.

Your old mom & dad want a laid back holiday , then we will suggest a cottage on the banks of Ganges in Rishikesh. Trust us..they will love it and bless us as well !!

What did you say.....wanna travel global.....why not !!!!!

Just let us know about the destination and we will plan out the holiday of your life....be it Europe or Australia or South east Asia, we know your travel needs. We specialise in offbeat countries like Kazakhastan , Mongolia etc.

We will provide you amazing travel solutions....for any of your travel needs......because we are not businessmen..we are travellers.......passionate for travel !!!!!

We would love to hear from you......