Local Food Tour of Addis Ababa

Local Food Tour of Addis AbabaLocal Food Tour of Addis Ababa

This 6 hours culinary tour of Addis Ababa takes you to Merkato (the largest open air market in Africa) to visit and shop at the Spice Market, Grain Market, Dairy products market, and Enset (False Banana Tree plant).

Then about half an hour drive on the main streets of Addis Ababa, visiting the historical monuments of the city, takes you to a local family house where you will be thought how to prepare Enjera ( a typical Ethiopian pancake), and try your skill of baking one.

Following a visit of the Archaeological Museum of Ethiopia to visit mainly the fossil remains of Lucy (3.25 mil years old) - the oldest hominid, and some of the most ancient stone tools human beings ever used, you will drive to one of the best traditional Ethiopian restaurants in town for lunch where taste varieties of delicious Ethiopian meals. Along the way, see the building of the Head Quarters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, and HQ of the African Union.

Finally, be part of a typical Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. Addis Ababa is the perfect place for one of the best cup of coffee in your life - as Ethiopia is the birth place of Coffee, and Addis Ababa is the capital where you can easily access flavorful coffee varieties.

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At Merkato, you will visit the number of spices Ethiopians use to prepare their deliciously hot meals. A stop at a live chicken market where locals pick the rooster to kill at home is part of the visit of Merkato. The unique food Ethiopians prepare called Kotcho and Bulla are prepared from the root of Enset or a False Banana Tree. Visit the Enset Section of Merkato.

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