Addis Ababa Tours for Transit Passengers

Addis Ababa Tours for Transit PassengersAddis Ababa Tour for Transit Passengers

So you have few hours to spend in Addis Ababa?

For transit passengers at Addis Ababa Bole International AirPort who have few hours to trade a sleepy rest or the usual internet surfing which can be done anywhere anytime WITH a fantastic local experience of Addis Ababa would be the following plan.

After finishing the customs process, walk out of the Airport compound and pass the first roundabout. After about five hundred meters walk straight on Bole Road, you will see a sign saying Say Café on your right. Here is the nearest place to enjoy your first Ethiopian Coffee, the nation’s legacy to the World, and get the old Blue and White Lada Taxis or the newest Yellow cabs to ride to the National Archaeological Museum of Addis Ababa. Ride would be approximately 300 Birr (15 USD). Don’t forget to take the phone number of the driver as you would need him later and inform him so.

At the National Archaeological Museum of Ethiopia get to know our grand grand mother – visit the fossil remains of the oldest hominid (Lucy) and visit the ancient historical and archeological artifacts of the country. After about an hour’s visit of this informative museum, call the previous cab driver or hire a new one to take you to the Sholla Local outdoor Market.

This is one of the best local markets of the city where you will enjoy your stay experiencing the way of life of Ethiopians and meet people from the over 87 tribal people of the country. Do remember to ask permission to take people’s portrait photos, and remember you magic words – AMESEGINALEHU – for ‘Thank you’ and SELAM for greetings.

Finally, drive to the Yod Abyssinia Cultural Ethiopian Restaurant which is only ten – fifteen minutes walk to the airport. Here you will taste various delicious Ethiopian meals, attend a typical Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony, and don’t forget to taste, remember it is ‘taste’ the Ethiopian Honey Wine called Tej. Of course you know your flight is soon.

Enjoy your few hours in Addis Ababa!