What to see in Addis Ababa

What to see in Addis AbabaWhat to see in Addis Ababa


-NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ETHIOPIA – Here, among a number of historical, archaeological and cultural artifacts visit some of the oldest stone tools human beings ever used, and fossil remains of animals and hominids including the fossil remains of Lucy (3.18 million years old).

MOUNT ENTOTO – With its elevation of 3,200 meters above sea level, Mt. Entoto makes Addis Ababa the highest African Capital City. The view of Addis Ababa from Mount Entoto is superb.

HOLY TRINITY CATHEDRAL – this is the most important religious site in Addis Ababa for Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity followers. Founded in the beginning of the 1940s, the Holy Trinity Cathedral is unique for its beautiful architecture, the stained glass works on the windows, for the great collection of manuscripts, icons, crosses, old holy books written on goat skin, etc the museum shelters

- ST> RAGUEL OR ELIAS AT MOUNT ENTOTO – This is the oldest church in Addis Ababa (140 years old) and famous for its beautiful hand painted wall paintings which are as old as the church and never restored.

- MERKATO (OR ADDIS MERKATO) MARKET is the biggest outdoor market in the whole of Africa. The Spice Market, the False Banana Tree Market, the Second hand items market, and the recycling section of Merkato are worth visiting.

- The Buildings of the Headquarters of the UN Economic Commission for Africa, the HQ of the African Union, the Lion of Judah Monument, Yekatit 12 Monument, and Meskel Square are few places to check out.

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