Trekking In Northern Albania

Outdoor Albania

This is `the genuine trekking tour` in the heart of the Alps of Albania. The journey will bring travelers to discover amazing mountainous landscapes with isolated charm-full valleys, ancient traditions and pagan legends. We recommend this journey to people already experienced in long walks and with a good adaptation spirit, because the only accommodation in the mountains will be the traditional houses and hospitality of the Albanian “malesore” – highlanders. Best period: May – September Level: Challenging: Tours of this level demand that you be really in good shape. The paths are not always in the best condition and the marking can be scarce. There are day-treks with big ascents and descents. Changing weather conditions /even in midsummer/ play an important role when trekking in remote areas and may cause changes of the scheduled route. Normally, the treks are 6/8h per day. Preliminary trekking experience is an advantage, but not necessary if you are in really good shape. During the hikes, you should personally carry your own day rucksack, while the main luggage will be transported by mule/horse and/or vehicle. Special highlights: —Lake Koman - The ferry trip along the Lake of Koman is an outstanding experience. The lake is narrow and twisting, and it stretches along the bed of river Drini that turned into a lake after the construction of the dam in the 80-ies. The vertical cliffs on both sides create a spectacular landscape that might make many think about the Norwegian fjords. —Valbona Valley - Probably the most beautiful valley of Northern Albania. The turquoise waters of Valbona river, flow in the middle of a spectacular landscape of steep mountain peaks. The jewel in the crown of the Albanian Alps! —Theth Valley - Hidden paradise in the heart of the Albanian Alps. Center for all tracks to the highest peaks of the region and passes leading towards Montenegro to the north, Kosovo to the east, and Shkodra to the west. —The Fortress of Kruja - The city was the epicenter of the Albanian resistance against the Ottoman Turks in the XV century, led by the Albanian national hero George Kastrioti - Skanderbeg. The fortress has a spectacular location, towering above the hills and fields that reach the Adriatic Sea. —The fortress of Shkoder - Rozafa Castle - The ruins of this mighty castle are situated on top of a hill, giving a spectacular view to one of the largest lakes of Europe.

Tour details

  • 480 euro per Trip
  • Available Seasonal
  • Duration: 8 Day(s)
  • From 6 to 15 people
  • Starts at Hotel Grandi Kruja

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