Visit The Coast Of The Baltic Sea

Visit The Coast Of The Baltic Sea

The tour includes all 3 main towns situated near the Baltic Sea. Klaipeda is the only port in Lithuania. With its complex and interesting history in which German, English, Swedish, Russian and other cultures left their trace, old town, museums it is a city worth your attention and admiration. Another town which is considered as "summer capital" attracts people from any part of Lithuania as well as foreign countries. There you will find nice sandy beaches, a great variety of bars and cafes, the Botanical park and Amber museum. The third town situated on the coast of the Baltic sea is Nida. In fact, it's not only the town, it's the whole peninsula in which you will see wonderful dunes, feel the atmosphere of the Curonian culture, visit some museums and house of Thomas Mann. The whole tour is available as well as choice to visit only one or two of the suggested towns. It depends on your time and interests. For those who have more time, I can suggest a longer tour in the Western part of Lithuania. It's up to you if you prefer to move by bus or to have a bicycle tour.

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