Hunan - the hometown of Chairman Mao

Hunan - the hometown of Chairman Mao

Hi, my friends , I will recommend you another great place of China , that is Hunan province,

Hunan is the hometown of the first president of people's republic of China Mao zhedong's and also my hometown . It locates at southeast of China, In acient China,the place where Hunan locates called "true". And there is a proverb said that "True is a place for genius", And is really true, many celebrities' hometowns are Hunan, like Mao ,the first president of PRC, Joe , the second primary of PRC and Ma , chairman of national party in Taiwan. I think good natural condition and good people of Hunan are two of the many reasons.

Hunan is the capital of chinese amusement,live entertainment bars is populai in Hunan, tv stations of hunan is the most popular besides China'central tv station.and It is a paradise of delicious food, No chinese people can say " I do not like Hunan cuisine" , and some people even come by air just for it's delicious food.

Hunan's places of great interests is also worthy to go , Like the Yueyang tower(one of the most famous tower in south of China) , Old home of Mao's and moutain of paradise's door, and there are many others interting places ,

So if you are intrested , just contact me , The good sights and best foods will belong to you .

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