Cycling the Saar and Moselle

Cycling the Saar and Moselle

This tour is especially for families and people who like to enjoy the ride. The short distances between 30 and 50 km per day through flat landscape allow mature kids to participate too.

Sporty people will enjoy the tour as well because we offer alternative routes across the vineyards – these vineyards are Europe’s steepest and highest!

The Moselle is one of the most beautiful river valleys you can imagine. "Time seems to stand still, while gazing at the architecture of old farmhouses, wineries, half-timbered houses and carefully restored carvings and paintings..." This is what the information brochure of Zeltingen-Rachtig says for example.

The tour starts in Saarbrücken, characterized by its French air, and leads through a region of gently rolling hills, orchards, vineyards and colourful villages.

You will visit Villery & Boch in Mettlach and drink coffee beside a gorgeous waterfall in the center of Saarburg. Afterwards you can marvel at the remains of the Roman settlement in Trier, Germany´s oldest town, wheAlongside the Moselle you will come across Roman tombs and mansions too. You will see the oldest stone house as well as the oldest half-timbered house in Germany. re Saar and Moselle join.

The vineyards rise higher and higher, until you would even need alpine equipment to climb them…Reams of wineries invite you to stay and relax for a while. Finally, you will reach Koblenz and the German Corner (“Deutsches Eck”), the place where Rhine and Moselle join. You are going to experience a truly memorable journey.

Tour details

  • Available Seasonal
  • Duration: Flexible
  • From 2 to 20 people
  • Starts at Saarbrücken

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