St Kilda

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Few islands in the UK are as dramatic or as mind blowing as St Kilda. For many travellers this is one of those journeys of a lifetime which has to be done .St Kilda beckons all with its alluring ridges and sea cliffs towering above the ocean 41 miles out into the Atlantic to seek passage and travel to discover its hidden charms and ancient past.

We recognise that to get here is special and to step on this hallowed ground the fulfilment of a dream, but so often the time spent ashore is limited and not really enough to absorb and experience all that is St Kilda. Bearing this in mind we now have a three day package which allows you two full days in St Kilda and an opportunity to experience and absorb all that makes St Kilda a dual world heritage site, one of only 24 in the world.

With the opportunity to sleep aboard the Elinca in village bay and watch the sun set over the islands at the “Edge of the World” our voyages to St Kilda are different and tailored to your needs. Our skipper, crew and guide live in the Hebrides and as such bring a local feel to these voyages, ensuring you get the most from your visit and for your money.

Our package includes

3 days sailing experience to St Kilda

2 full days and nights at St Kilda

All food on board and wine with evening meals

Three nights sleeping accommodation

All excursions ashore

All lifejackets and waterproof clothing

All tea, coffee and snacks aboard the Elinca

Guided sail around St Kilda

Guided tour of St Kilda

Maps of the islands

Cost per person £350

Maximum 8 passengers

Service details

  • Available Seasonal
  • Duration: 3 Hour(s)
  • From 8 to 10 people
  • Starts at Traveler's Location
  • Transportation available

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