Guided birdwatching in Finland

In order to meet the great demand we will again arrange guided birdwatching excursions in Oulu and Kuusamo areas in the very best time of the year. This region offers without any doubt the best birdwatching area in Finland. In a fairly small area most of the special Finnish birdspecies can be found! In a good year there are Eagle-, Great Grey-, Ural-, Hawk-, Short-eared-, Long-eared-, Tengmalm´s- and Pygmy Owls breeding between Oulu and Kuusamo area. We have put up many nestboxes for some of the species and our network of local Owl specialists is extensive. Other specialities might include Capercaillie, Willow Grouse, Hazel Grouse, Three-toed- and Black Woodpecker, Red-flanked Bluetail, Little Bunting, Siberian Tit etc.

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