Amazing tour in sichuan

The days you spend in chengdu are surely high qualified as the real meaning of life should be. Enjoy every seconds to respect the beauty of life without any worries and troubles, once you come to chengdu, you will restudy the point of life is about enjoying and sharing with lesurely pace on. Later you just want to make here your second home.

1, a lot of beautiful sceneries here deserve you to visit and those will put much color in your vacation. And most of which are recognized and approved by UNESCO as world cultural and natural heritage, such as fairyland Jiuzhaigou valley and Huanglong waterscape, Leshan Giant buddha and Emei mountain, great ancient irregation system in Dujiangyan, the mysterious ancient Shu kingdom history museum in Sanxingdui ruin and Jinsha ruin, and the most popular attractive resort in chengdu is the giant panda breeding research center with numbers of lovely panda you can take this chance to get really close to the national treasure of China, even the worldwide animal star, giant panda. I believe this will be your precious memory in your whole lifetime.

2, abundant of alterable flavor you can enjoy in chengdu where is the kitchen of wellknown Sichuan cusine, in other words, you can have the opportulity to taste the typical Sichuan cusine including thousands of dishes and snacks, not just hot but also delicious and rich flavor you can experience. As well as kongbao chicken is popular and common food in both Europe and America, there is more than that which will blow your mind, such like fishflavor pork slice, double cooked pork with beansource, mapo toufu, and so on. Besides those formal dishes, local people like spicy pot best, you can also enjoy it on one condition that you could stand spicy well. For some lesure time you still have choice to eat some famous snacks such as longchaoshou dumplin, dandan noodle, naitangyuan rice ball and chuanbei jelly, hundreds of choices put in front of your eyes. I believe you can never miss those yummy food as I do.

3, colorful ethnic group people with amazingly unique culture open their arms to welcome you warmly. Sichuan is the second largest Tibetan settlement in China and the only place for the most ancient ethnic group Qiang people. If you are interested in China’s culture maybe you can find some anwser in sichuan. The different marriage and funeral ceremony and different live, food, drink habit, those people even keep their habit far from majority people in china. Those special culture need you to experience by yourselves, then you will understand more than I say here.

Sichuan is the place that can satisfy you in every perspective, nomatter you come here for nature view or you come here for delicious food, even you are looking for numorous knowledge of china, you come to sichuan, you come to chengdu, that you come to right destiny, you come to land of abundence, you come to home of panda, and we truly welcome you here.

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