Platypus and Penguin Twilight Tour

The Platypus and Penguin tour is a 3 hour tour, departing the beautiful historic seaside village of Stanley around 1 and a half hours prior to dusk. Your fully accredited and accomplished guide will take you inland onto private property to view Platypus in their own natural wild environment. There are at least 5 Platypus here, including our big male "Frederick", recorded as the largest Platypus in Australia. These elusive Monotremes (egg laying mammals) are absolutely fascinating creatures to view in the wild and on many occasions can be seen clearly without the need for binoculars. on returning to Stanley, your guide will take you back to the Penguin rookery to view these fabulous Little Penguins coming ashore for the night, after a long day at sea feeding. A fantastic and enlightening tour for both the wildlife enthusiast and families alike.

Tour details

  • AU$17 per Hour
  • Available Seasonal
  • Duration: 3 Hour(s)
  • From 2 to 13 people
  • Starts at guests accommodation in Stanley, 7331
  • Transportation available

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