Authentic Egypt

Authentic Egypt


ABOUT AUTHENTIC EGYPT: We are Karim and KC - An Egyptian/American team committed to showing you the Egypt we love.

Karim was born and raised in Luxor and feels very fortunate to have grown up with some of the world's most ancient wonders literally in his backyard. Luxor is the largest open air museum in the world and he loves sharing it with everyone who visits. He has been designing individualized tours for over 10 years and have an extensive network of guides, drivers and local contacts that allows us and our colleagues to give you the most authentic Egyptian experience, at the best value for your money.

KC is an American who has traveled extensively and has been a professional travel planner for many years. Egypt, however, holds a special place. The beautiful weather, amazing culture and wonderful people of Egypt grabbed hold and haven't let go!

As a foreign/local team we are uniquely positioned to bring you up close and personal to the best of Egypt, without sacrificing the level of service tourists expect from the larger companies. From airport pick-up to tours to balloon rides and from felucca rides to flat rentals we are here to ensure that your trip to Egypt is a trip of a lifeime. We use only the most professional guides, the safest drivers and the stables that properly care for their animals.

It is our goal to show you the REAL Egypt, the Egypt that those herded around in tour buses never see. Share a meal, a chai (tea) or a shisha pipe with the locals in a local cafe, not in the cocoon of an international restaurant chain. We promise you - you will come as a tourist, but leave as a friend.

** We can suggest itineraries for you, but if you have a special interest, don't be shy. Tell us! Remember this is YOUR vacation and it's our goal to make you happy.

While Luxor is our specialty, we can easily arrange tours in Aswan or Cairo. Just tell us what you need.

We hope your first visit to Egypt won't be your last but we know that, for many, a visit to Egypt is the result of a lifelong dream. Allow us to make your dreams a reality.

Rating: *****

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  • 50LE-500 per Trip
  • Available Anytime
  • From 2 to 100 people

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Karim organized my Luxor tours my last 2 trips to Egypt, and I was extremely pleased. The very first thing that impressed me was his honesty. When everyone else was trying to rip me off, his very first price quote to me was the price my Lonely Planet said I could get only if I could bargain well. He and Hassan are less like guides and more like having a friend show you around. As females, my travel buddy and I felt completely safe with them. While friendly, they are very professional and no-nonsense about certain things.

Having a local guide really does make the difference, not only in the way you see things, but the way you are received by the local people. Having stepped off the beaten path, I'm never going back. I recommend them wholeheartedly. You will have a fantastic time.